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Feb 14, 2010

In this 56th installment, we talk about the new Spektrum 10 channel radio that will most likely not be seen in the USA (although I really like it's form factor), some Balsa kits that you can use with that PZ Brick or AR6400, as well as the new XtremeFoamies Sentinel that I just finished and maidened. We also get a visit from the RCadvisor, as well as discuss the best place to get mounts for your motor with an 8mm bearing tube.


Notable Links:

"Multiplex-Styled" Spektrum 10t

Hang Flat, and other goodies

StevensAero V2.4 Kits - S-POU, PuddleBug, LiddleBug, and LiddleRod

XtremeFoamies Sentinel

WMParkflyers Motor Mounts

RC Macaw Kite Pics, Video