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Aug 20, 2012

While I think the term "Whatnot" was used only once in this 175th show, we had some lengthy dicussion on it's use by certain individuals during our pre-show discussion, so it seemed a fun name for this installment. As has been usual as of late, we talk up a few things we've found on the web, and then we continue on discussing your RC Hints and Tips for our GiveAway later this month.


PhlatBoyz New USB CNC Interface Solution

CompareRC (Great search site for running down your RC goodies)

Foamandtape's Latest Creation (WOW, Peter!)

A Great Crimping Tool

Y Harness PCB

Mini Y Harness (For those smaller servos)

Servo Connectors

LiPoly Objective Performance Calculator

Dental Brushes (Cheap! Thanks, MetroGTI!)

Be sure that you get in on our latest contest; it's sponsored by our good friends over at All you have to do is email me your favorite RC Tip, or even post it on our Facebook Fan Page. At the end of August, we'll throw all of the entries into a hat and draw the winner. That lucky person wins a MiniBipe kit!!! We've had a ball reading the submissions that we've received thus far!