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Feb 2, 2009

In this installment, I'm joined by my building partner and I talk about the kinds of tools I use, my preferred workbench surface, and other various items that can be found around my shop.

over ten years ago

Just found your podcast last week and catching up on the episodes. Wanted to chime in on the workbench ideas. When my dad and I were building balsa wings for gliders in the 80\'s we used a piece of drywall (aka sheetrock) to get a large, smooth, hard, flat and tackable underlayment for our plans. But now that I\'m into helis, those qualities are the enemy! With all those tiny screws and bearings to bounce or roll away, heli builder will prefer a towel or dishcloth to work over.

Curt Hancock
ten and a half years ago

I SOOOO remember the Smoothie! Not to mention the iron incident! I really enjoyed this podcast.