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Z Bends MY Way

Mar 25, 2009

I wanted to share a quick little video I shot this morning with you guys on the subject of Z Bends for your control surface linkages. I won't use Z Bend pliers, as the ones I tried years ago yield a very narrow area for your servo or control horn and they do not give you true 90 degree bends like you need for bind-free movement of the surface. I learned this technique from an old modeling friend and have found it to be priceless! Look for more vids down the line covering how I make pushrod assemblies, including a total Carbon Fiber Pushrod assembly...

over ten years ago

Great video. I use a similar technique as yours. I had always planed on buying a pair of z-bend pliers but now I see I don\'t need to. My z-bends come out much nicer then with the z-bend pliers and I can adjust them how I need them.

Pickle72 (on rcgroups)

Matt Mabry