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Apr 25, 2010

While the title of this 66th installment is silly, the actual topic is no laughing matter. Please make certain that you're flying safely and responsibly.

Also in this show there's discussion of the SPADFest 2010 event, some new gear I purchased and the projects I intend to put it in, and another visit from Carlos Reyes in this week's Ask The RCadvisor segment. Oh, and I just heard that my new PhlatFormer is on it's way!!!


Heli Attack Video 1, Video 2, and Video 3

Wanna DONATE To The Cause?

AMA Safety Code

SPADFest 2010 Info

A Nitro PBF SPAD (like Crash used to fly)

HeadsUpRC (where I got all my goodies I discuss in this show)

PhlatFormer (sorry :( the special intro pricing I bought mine for is over)


almost nine years ago

Here is a link to another update on this story:
Apparently there is no evidence of \"intention\" or \"negligence\" so the police are not pressing formal charges.

Kris Frost
almost nine years ago

So far it looks like I will be going to SPADFEST 2010 after all. I will be driving up Thursday.

See you there.