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Feb 25, 2013

Joins us for this 199th installment of our show where we discuss all kinds of stuff relative to the RC world. We even let ol' Laine on the show towards the end, too! LoL

Be sure to tune in to our LIVE show next week (Number 200!) where we will get a WRAM show wrap-up from our buddy Jim (, and there's also a chance we may have something to give away to one of our live-show listeners!!


RC In 1944 (What Motor Is That??)

Flying Machine Arena (Another vid of those crazy quads)

Stretched E640 (SWEET!)

Gas Goblin 700

New Raptors From Thunder Tiger

TT E820 Video

TT Mini Titan V2 E360 Video

Soldering Is Easy (Comic-style)

3Doodler (Convert your CNC to a 3D Printer?)

Hobbywing Quattro ESC (Anybody have one?)

Perry Swap Meet (Next week!)

A 3D Quad!

CONTEST ALERT! RCPtero has graciously supplied us with a copy of Keith Sparks' "Building With Foam" book that you can win by simply sending us a picture of what YOU would like to build (real aircraft of your 'napkin drawing') once you've learned the techniques described in the book. You can email me the info, or better yet, post it on our Facebook Fan Page. We'll take all the entrants names, toss them in a hat, and then have RCPtero draw the winner at SEFF 2013 in April. Deadline to enter is April 17, 2013. Good Luck!