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Nov 13, 2014

In this week's show, we have an opportunity to visit with Jonathan Sawn, the owner of Sawn-Craft. Jonathan is the third generation of his family to offer up goodies to the model-building community, and you'll certainly want to have a look at some of the cool items he's producing!

In addition to our normal level of chaos, Laine has started something new for this year - a Secret Santa exchange! If you want to get involved, all you have to do is send an email to to let us know you want to be involved. Also share with us your full name and address, your screen name on you favorite RC forum, and a little about you and what all you're into. Though you can buy a gift for someone as expensive as you desire, we have set a minimum dollar amount at $25.

One last note - We've fired up our year-end fundraiser. Head on over to AllThingsCrash and read all about our Sponsor Gift Program!


EzUHF Tx Holder (Print it yourself!)

Aerial Freaks Hyper 400 3D

JR Ninja 400MR 3D Quad


DIY Micro 5.8 ghz FPV System (Thanks, Flite Test!)

Small Drone Regs To Be Announced?

WLToys V383 500 3D Quad ( Sorry, no clones for me!)

3 gram RC P-51 Mustang

Scott Page's Taranis Help Videos:

   Pre-Taranis Plus and OpenTX 2.0

   OpenTX 2.0, And Beyond

This Week's Slideshow Pics