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Sep 13, 2009

We're back with the PhlatBoyZ this week for our monthly update, and what an update it is! Listen as we discuss the latest release of the PhlatScript, as well as changes made to the pricing structure affecting all new PhlatPrinter orders. Oh yeah, and this installment also contains some interesting information about a NEW machine that the PhlatBoyZ expect to be offering very soon! This information even caught ME off guard! LOL  Also, the PhlayBoyZ now have an official online store for hawking their wares to the world!

I apologize for the sound quality on my channel in this show. For some reason, my PC decided out of the blue that it should default to my built-in mic rather than my Audio Technica studio mic. This perplexes me since the only thing I've used this PC for in the last 3 weeks is the podcast, and I have not monkeyed around with any of the audio settings for close to six months. Re-recording the show was not really an option, and I didn't want to deny you listeners this great, informative episode, so here it is cleaned up as best I can...