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Jan 31, 2010

There's lots of cool information in this week's show, including the first installment of a new segment we're trying out - Ask The RCadvisor! Carlos Reyes (Mr. RCadvisor, himself) will be joining us on a regular basis to answer your RC-related questions, so if you've been seeking the fountain of wisdom, your search is now over!

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Notable Links:

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After-run Oil

Touch-Up Spray Gun

Detail Spray Gun

What's A Sextant?

DX6 Voltage Regulator Fix


nine and a half years ago

I\'m listening to your podcast and heard you talking about Spektrum and JR radios being manufactured under the same roof but can\'t prove it. This thought is true.

Back in October 2009 I purchased my DX6i TX and my close friend at the LHS shop explained it to me. JR (Horizon Hobby) was worried their attempt at 2.4GHz would fail miserably, so they sub-branded the 2.4GHz technology as Spektrum. This way if it failed it wouldn\'t look bad on JR. But now that it\'s taken off like a wild fire, they redid their selling scheme. Now the Spektrum brand has upto a maximum of 7 channels and JR has anything over 7 channels (typically 9, 10, and 12 channels).