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Dec 12, 2010

In this 97th installment, I interview the PhlatBoyZ one last time for 2010. Join us as we look at the evolution of their product line this year and try to peer just a bit into the future! You may notice that there's no Dorsal in this podcast. I am sorry to have to report that he's been stricken with some medical problems that prohibit him from doing the show. What a crummy time of the year to be down! Dennis, I'll be thinking some good thoughts for your speedy recovery, bud!


Hance's G480 Build Pics (Front Page News Presently)

Melbourne FD Using Some Quad Technology (Thanks, Matt!)

Stef Flying His New TriWii-Copter In A Bit Of A Breeze


PhlatForum (The place to find all the cool stuff we discuss this week)


Oopsie! Our show this week ran a little long and I totally forgot to mention an addendum to our "Dear Santa" list that we talked about last week! Our buddy and long-time listener, RCDude07, has a few really nice things on his CHRISTmas list...

Dear Santa,

I'm a newlywed and new home owner this Christmas, so you know I don't have a lot of money and time to enjoy my hobby. So if you could give me more time in the week to fly and more money to spend, that would be awesome! However, I'd really like to have the Spektrum DX8, Blade mSR BNF, Ultra Micro Beast, and/or the new Ultra Micro X Extra 300 BNF.

As nice as those would be, I'd even settle for a field box, glow fuel, engine starter, glow plug, battery charger, and tools. As you know I'm on my own now for R/C flying and I don't have the support tools. After years of sharing with my dad as I grew up, I didn't realize how much was needed!

I've been good. I try to help all I can via RealFlight sessions, while at the field, flying at the local park, and on all the forums. So I think I deserve something from my list.

Been a good guy,