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Feb 27, 2012

Tim and I are in the workshop for this 153 installment while Ron is still away. We talk about all kinds of great stuff we've found in cyber-space, since neither of us really have had much of a chance to get much done in the realm of RC. The RCadvisor comes to the rescue, though, with a continuation of last week's Dihedral discussion, with this week's topic leaning a bit more towards the arena of Wing Sweep.


PhlatBoyZ Tax Return Specials! (prices good until 4/15/12)

Rasberry Pi (Looking forward to getting our orders in!)

RCPtero's FPV Thread

DSMX Tx Bulletin

MIT's Collective QuadCopter

DIY PiCopter

DIY "Toy" Heli Mods


Vintauri's E-Fest Coverage

HK Flying Wing (Coming soon, maybe??)

HK Mini 3D GeeBee Kit (CHEAP!!!)

Lil Giants Construction Company