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May 20, 2013

We are back in the studio this week for our 210th installment of the show. We have some listener emails, some special events thats are coming up, and we get a chance to visit with our "special" friend, Joel "MetroGTi" Dirnberger! Joel is the author of that cool little plane that Tim and I loved playing with a few weeks ago called the Blu-FO. He's concocted a few different iterations of this design, including a Night-Flyer, a "Low Rider", and even an amphibious version called the H-Blu-O. What makes Joel extra "special" is that he has even coordinated TWO club builds of this design, helping others get on that building bandwagon!


RCTS Fun Fly

3rd Annual FPV Fly-In at the Pecan Patch

Wings For Wishes WA

Chilliwack Spring Fly-In  MAAC Event Details

SMALL 2013

Warwick All Electric Fun Fly

50% J3

Limited Run Of Ritewings (Time to order yours!)

TK-950 Soldering Station

Hakko FX-888 Soldering Station

Weller Soldering Station (The one I use)

Tim's Little Soldering Iron

MetroGTi's RCG Blog

BluFO Parkflyer

Creepy Video Of The Week