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Sep 19, 2011

Okay, so there's no clever show title this week. I just couldn't think of anything that could possibly sum up this show since we talked about all kinds of stuff. Join us as we answered some emails, cover a few things in the news, and listen to me whine a bit more about the weather. There is some interesting info, however, because the RCadvisor pops in and tells us a bit about how motor "cogging" may or may not affect a motor's performance.


Urs' SPIKE 3D (Coming soon!)

Urs' 50cc Hovering! (Hmmm...)

P-51 Tragedy

T-28 Tragedy

UMX Beast Discontinued?

Word About The Beast From Someone In The Know

Jewelry Bead Crimps (Thanks, Randy!)

Looking For Clubs And Fields In the US? Try HERE

PteroWorks Shark

In the Virginia area and looking for a cool event to attend? The FunTime Virginia Aero-Nuts are having a Fun-Fly on October 15th (rain date is October 22nd). You can get directions to the field HERE. I expect details to hit the club's website soon!