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Dec 7, 2013

As most of you already know, we have been streaming TheCrashCast LIVE each week over the interwebs this year using the TalkShoe website. Unfortunately, this site has been the source of quite a few difficulties over the last year and we have been actively searching for another solution.

I am happy to annouce that we have found something that I feel will work nicely for us. The audio quality is very much improved, the chat interface is quite nice, and best of all, it includes a video feed capability! This means that, on occasion, I may be able to show some of the projects I'm working on during the shows to our live audience, as well as push up pictures for other cool stuff. This new site seems pretty robust, too. Last evening we fired it up in conjunction with Skype AND pushed a video feed at the same time. Several of our loyal listeners participated in chat and with me on the Skype call and everything went great!

I wanted to share this information with you guys early because you will need to sign up for a free account if you want to participate in the chat. Don't worry - it's quick and easy. :) Drop in and visit with us Wednesday evenings at 7pm CST!