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Jun 13, 2011

In this week's installment (our 122nd), Tim, Ron, and I discuss a plethora of links to some cool stuff we've found in the last week - some are for products and some are for some great informative sites you'll probably want to bookmark. Additionally, I read some letters we've received. Our resident RCadvisor (Carlos Reyes) is taking a few weeks off, but he'll be back soon!


Inexpensive DIY Wing Bags (Thanks, rpmrpm!)

The Lanier Stinger is coming back, but in ARF form

OpenPilot CopterControl FSS Board (This thing looks cool!)

FlyHigh300 FSS Board (Kinda like our Interconnect Board, but BUILT!)

RadicalRC has Doc Brown's Power Supplies!

SPADFest 2011 - Return Of Floyd (After years of abuse, he still attends SPADFest! LoL)

Turnigy 9x Transmitter DIY Firmware Upgrade

EastBay RC (Some very informative articles!):

   By The Numbers

   Servos And Mixing

   Let There Be Light (Emitting Diodes)!

   Power Distribution Tips