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Feb 13, 2012

In this 151st installment of our little show, we jump all over answering some letters in the old mailbag, but the best thing about this week's show is that we have the RCadvisor back live in the workshop! Carlos has been involved with some very extensive UAV work during that last year, or so, and he sheds some light on this whole Unmanned Aerial Vehicle thing. I think that you'll find this to be one of our more interesting shows, especially the discussion on the H.A.L.E. project that Carlos has been involved with(very cool stuff!).


RepRap (Tim got to see some of these last week)

Bottle Copter?? (Mat's been at it again! LoL)

2 Brothers Hobby; YouTube Channel (Great Info!)


In one of the letters we answered on this week's show, we discuss some power system options for the Mini Intern that we are doing the Build-Along series on, as well as the option that I chose. I will be documenting several options in an upcoming video and will have links to everything I suggest in the Mini Intern Build-Along article very soon!