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Feb 6, 2012

For our 150th show, we've got tons of great news to discuss, what with a plethora of new products and some very interesting videos and articles, to boot! We also discuss the tissue covering techniques I've been promising on our Mini Intern Builad-Along, since I was abole to get two more videos uploaded recently. A third video is also out there showing the drawing for the winner of our Mini Intern that RadicalRC let us give away. Tons of great info here, so pull up a chair and fire up that browser, since you're going to want to hit some of the links below to find out more!


Sia's TriCopter Build

A Swarm Of Nanocopters

Flying People in NYC

Westward 18 Sailboat

Ultra Micro Spitfire

Ultra Micro GB (Now Shipping!)

7 Cylinder Radial (SWEET!)

20cc Tiger Moth

UMX Carbon Cub

ASK-21 Sailplane

DX18 (WOW!!)

Firebird Stratos

Albatros 480

Albatros 25

Blades! 300X, 500X, 500 3D BNF, 500 3D RTF

TX-R (Free Modules With Plane Purchase!)

Vintauri Review of TX-R

FAA Bill

Wheelpants for ParkZone Planes

RCPtero's Rascal Float Thread

Mini Intern Build Vids HERE

Mini Intern Giveaway Winner Announced!