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Feb 19, 2015

For the last several days I've been worrying about recording this show. My seasonal allergies have been causing all kinds of issues resulting in awful fits of coughing and wheezing whenever I try to do things like, well...TALK! As it turned out, there was no need to worry, because our team is quite capable without me. :)

Listen in as Tim King leads our group (Laine Stahr, Tim Walker, and ol' Crash) in discussion of the latest news from the FAA regarding Commercial use of our aircraft, the cost effectiveness and capability of the Tactic radio systems, Hinging techniques, using a Spotter when flying, and various other bits of information we've found.


Drone Ambulances In The Future?

A PSA On How NOT To Fly Drones

Forbes Article On FAA's Proposed Commercial Regs

AMA Document #550 (FPV Guidelines)

Tactic TTX650 6 Channel Tx

Tactic TTX850 8 Channel Tx

Tactic TR624 6 Channel Rx (Only $20!)

ArcolaRC: Paper Airplane Prototype

ArcolaRC: Cathead's Z3 Maiden (We LOVE DryFit's Launch!)


This Week's Slideshow Pics