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Jun 4, 2012

Our 165th installment is quite full of crazy stuff, as the title kind of suggests. In this show, we have a new co-host (KarlK) warming Ron's vacant seat, and he does a nice job, too! We cover a little bit of everything this week, but I assure you (Laine, especially) that we have no recipes or other "Oprah-like" content this week. LoL Oh, and the RCadvisor has a great segment on BEC's including the differences between Linear and Switch-mode types, so if you've been in the dark with this topic, this is a great one to check out!


SuperFlyRC (Coupon Code "Crash" for free shipping on your orders of $100, or more)

Chuck's Cardboard Model Aircraft (Yet another alternate substrate)

Bigfoot (And it's caught on film, too!)

BPHobbies New Waterproof Lights, Multi-colored Lights, and Motor

Weird (and a bit disturbing) Quad

Kids Make Their Own Sim

Lipo Calc Tool

How MEMS Work

Stranded In The Desert

Lipo Disposal Technique Turns Out To Be A Myth (Thanks, Hance!)

Crash's New Bike???