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Sep 17, 2012

Okay, okay, that is a direct quote from our special guest this week. LoL Please take no offense, as ol' Crash actually uses expo these days to smooth out some of the shakes. Join us this week for our 178th installment of our little show where we share a scant bit of news, read some great letters sent in from our listeners, and visit with a long-time listener and friend of the show, Mr. Hance Andreason!

We had way too much fun recording this one, and I kinda wished I had left the recorder ON for the post-show discussion. That prolly would have got us all into some trouble, though. :)


American RC Suppliers (Thanks to Frank Geisler and the RCadvisor!)

Mystique ARF 

UMX SBach (I just may be getting one of these!)

Photos From Hance's Labor Day Fun

RCAE Pics (Yep, Timmy found the corn!)

Kite Cam Mounts (Thanks, Austin!)

Align Gel that Korey B. wrote us about

HK 936 k/o Soldering Station (in the US Warehouse, too)

Tom M.'s GoPro FPV Cam Dampening (Great Article, Pics, and Video!)