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Mar 12, 2012

Yes, that's right - three "40-somethings" out looking for a safe alternative to the "pogo". I bet that left a lot of you behind in the dust! LoL

Seriously, though, it's that time of year again where we will be blowing the dust off of our toys and making weekly pilgrimages to our favorite flying sites. Once a year we like to talk a little about safety in this hobby and we start the ball rolling in this episode where we discuss some tips for safe travel to and from your flying field. In this 155th installment, we've also got some news, as well as another great segment from the RCadvisor - this time it's a bit of a continuation on last week's tips for becoming a better RC pilot. Carlos shares a great site that details aerobatic maneuvers, as well as their "K Factors" ( level of difficulty), and how you might select the maneuvers right for you to become a more accomplished pilot.


PhlatBoyZ Tax Return Sale

FormUFit (Hard-to-find PVC parts for racks, etc. Thanks, Justin!)

Congrats to Tammy Crespin!! (Carlos, you're a lucky man!)

RCPilot (A new "eMag" for the RC hobby)

PlaneInsaneRC (A great place to get that DT750 motor here in the USA - Thanks, Nick!)


NSRCA Aerobatic Maneuvers

Solar Balloons?

EggBot (Time made something like this)


Mini Intern Build-Along COMPLETE! (Video 8 is up!)

Our next GiveAway will be a Mini Gremlin Combat Flying Wing from our friend Jim over at RACores. All you need to do to enter the drawing is to upload your personal best CRASH picture over on our FaceBook Fan Page. Yep, that's it! We will accept entries until April 15th and we'll draw a lucky winner during that following week. (Thanks to Matt M. for providing the idea for this GiveAway!)