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Dec 19, 2011

Well, how about that? Another year has just about escaped us! In this 145th installment, we review all of the fun we've had this year, as well as reveal some of our shortcomings (well, Crash, anyway. LoL). This week we have a neat surprise from the RCadvisor, and then we share our CHRISTmas Wishlists along with letters to Santa from Colin, Tony, and Gary. Oh, and one last thing: please check out Tim's plane pictures on our Facebook Fan Page and see if you can help Tim identify two of his recent aircraft acquisitions.


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RadicalRC Kits

Hey Santa!

Gary B. has been a good boy all year and really wants a Super Skybolt, a T-133, a Blade mCPx, a UMX Beast with AS3X, and some uninterrupted shop time, if you please.

Colin B. has also been very good and would like a few things, too. He's been jonesing for some Rokenbok (Oh, I've got to get some of these!!) goodies, a Losi Micro HighRoller or Short Course Truck, a Mountain Models EZ Sport, a nice Pin Vise, a Prop Balancing Stand, a Lipo Sack, and maybe some help with some shop renovations.

Tony O. has only a simple wish this year, Santa. He just wants to have a look at your list of all the girls that made your Naughty List. ;)

Little Timmy would really like to have a new airplane kit that's kind of retro - something like the Cleveland PlayBoy Senior. Santa, I hafta to say, I'm not really sure Timmy has been that good this year. Something about too much jar, whatever that means.

Ron really needs something extra special for all the hard work he's done this year. He's really been wanting something like a TroyBuiltModels 30cc SBach with all of the trimmin's to go with it. Of course, he can always use some stocking stuffers like batteries and servos and such.

Crash has been the best this year! He'd like a 108" Mud Duck kit, a RadicalRC 66" Intern, a UMX Beast AS3X, and one of those PhlatBoyZ HBot Pro 3D Printers when they become available!

TheCrashCast will be going "dark" for the next two weeks, but we will be back the week of January 8th. Until then, we wish you all a Merry CHRISTmas, and a safe and prosperous New Year!