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Feb 4, 2013

I am sorry to report this, but show #196 didn't record. It was a great show. Some might even say EPIC! Unfortunately, we only were able to record HALF of the fool thing. The only folks that got to hear us were the ones that made it to the live stream that we did over at TalkShoe.

After much research, I have surmised that the update that Skype forced us into before we started our show caused some sort of issue with the recording software, in that the only voices recorded were MINE (no Tim, or Navion). I guess that's what you get into when Microsoft starts screwing with an already optimal program.

I have downloaded an earlier release of Skype (read PRE-Microsoft) so that I can be certain that the problem will not happen again. I may do a solo "recap" of what we talked about in the next day, or so, to get you guys up to speed.