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May 23, 2011

Tim is back in the workshop for our 119th installment and he imparts some impressions of his visit to the Joe Nall event two weeks ago, as well as sharing a Teensie bit of information on a new plane he's built and flown recently.The RCadvisor is also in the shop this week to discuss some considerations on horizontal stabilizor design.

We get an opportunity to review a couple of items for you this week. If you've been wanting to try your hand at some Aerial Videography, you're in luck as I review two inexpensive keychain cameras from a couple of our favorite suppliers. Also, I tell you about a must-have gadget for your field box for checking the voltage on your LiPos before you fly!


Joe Nall Site

SKS Video Productions (Tim has the DVD for SEFF 2011 and says it's great!)

SEFF 2012 Dates Announced (Be there, or be SQUARE! LoL)

Futaba's New 18MZ

HiTec X2 Charger

Are Norvel Engines Coming Back? (It's looking good!)

Free Control Horns (While They Last!)

RCMiniCams (Great little cameras from my friend, Alex)

LazerToyz KeyChain Camera (Great camera from my friends Dan ad Diane)

LazerToyz Battery Tester (Scroll down to the Battery Quick Tester)

Pin Adaptor (Use this with the Battery Tester for your LiPos with the 2mm pin spacing)