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Dec 6, 2010

Well, the Holiday Season is upon us and, after our personal updates, Dennis, Tim, and I each share what's on our wishlists to Santa this year (as well as some listener lists, too). Additionally, you'll hear me talk about cutting MDF on my new Phlatty, you'll hear about some new feats in the full-scale aviation arena, and the RCadvisor will tell us about how we'll know when our design project goals have been fulfilled.


Flying Buggy

An Electric Home-built Takes Flight


Dear Santa,

We hope you have had a great year this year and are ready for eating LOTS of milk and cookies during your trip around the world this CHRISTmas. I hope you're not working those elves too hard!

Leo wants a brand new HK600GT helicopter to take his skills to the next level. Santa, would you happen to know a good, reasonably priced power system for one of these helis? Maybe your elves will know, huh. He would also enjoy someone putting in a local hobby shop in the St Augustine Florida area.

Hance just wants some warmer weather so he can fly more, so if you should happen to bump into that Jack Frost character, could you ask him to lay off with the cold weather just abit? If not, he could prolly use some coal in his stocking to help him stay WARM! :)

Dennis has been a really good boy this year and would really like an E-Flite Blade mSR to help him get into helicopter flying. Oh, and if it's not too much to ask, could he also get an FPV system? That would be so cool!

Little Timmy has also been good and would LOVE to have a Radian Pro,  an R/C Ultralight from like one of THESE or maybe even one of THESE , and maybe even a 108" Mud Duck from Mud Duck Aviation.

Mikey has prolly not been the best he could be all year, but he'll certainly try harder next year (I promise!). In addition to one of everything those other guys have on THEIR list, I would really dig on getting a SlowBipe, a DIY Drones ArduPilot System, a Go Pro Hero HD camera system, and a Parrot by AR Drones! Oh, a Dubro EZ Bender would make a great stocking stuffer!


Leo, Hance, Dennis, Tim, and Michael


PS - Oh yeah, I guess Peace On Earth would be an okay gift, too.

PPS - Last time I saw you, you looked like you were losing weight. Looking good, Santa!