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Aug 22, 2011

The whole crew is back in the workshop this week for our 129th installment! There's talk of some new products, new websites, some great videos, and some cool upcoming events. Even the RCadvisor is back this week, too!


HeadsUpRC now has e-Gift Cards!

Altitude Hobbies is ONLINE!

There are some great deals right now over at 2DogRC

We all need and AirSwimmer! (I want TWO!)

Carbon-Z Scimitar is Coming Soon!

UM F-27Q is now in the pipeline now!

BP Hobbies Has Micro Warbirds - ME109, SpitFire, P-40

ShoeGooGuru's Hot-Wire Table

A Flying 2x4??

Toxic Toast's Quad on UStream

Video From Kevin V.'s Quad

The Randy Covington Fly-In is this weekend!

Don't forget about the Dan RiverR/C Flyers Benefit on Sept. 3rd

Kansas City Star's article on the Bryan Jensen

My we have a lot of links this week! I think that I got them all, but if not, I'll add them soon!