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Want To Support Us?

Nov 16, 2011

Okay, so it's time again for me to pay the next year's web-hosting and podcast-hosting fees for TheCrashCast and AllThingsCrash. As most of you already know, ol' Crash has been paying for this stuff (about $400/year now) out of his own pocket since the beginning.
Many of you have asked how you can support your favorite podcast. I have been reluctant to hold raffles to support the show, or even sell advertising (other than the PhlatBoyZ who have such great products, I just HAVE to spread the word). Well, if you should feel so moved to throw a few dollars our way, now is your chance.
Here are MY rules for how this works:
1. You are certainly under no obligation to support us. Anything offered up will be greatly appreciated and will be put towards payments of annual costs ONLY. There is no "Beer Fund", "Airplane Fund", or even a "SEFF Fund" (though that last one should be considered LoL).
2. Should enough money be raised to completely cover the $400 that the show will cost me in 2012, I will immediately remove the DONATE button you see below and it will not be anywhere on either of my websites until my 2013 fees come due.
3. There is no fixed value for what you may donate. You can give as little or as much as you desire. Rest assured that no matter what you should give, if you feel so moved, it will be greatly appreciated.
4. Unless you specify otherwise, I WILL give my personal THANKS to you on the upcoming podcasts by using the first name and last initial tied to your PayPal account. Last names are only read with the expressed written consent of the person responsible for the donation.
Thanks in advance, and we look forward to entertaining and informing all of you in the coming year.

Happy Building And Flying!!