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Mar 21, 2010

Well, I braved the cold, the heavy winds, and the torrential downpour to make my way north to the Weatherford Aero Modeling Society's annual Swap Meet and Auction! I was able to resist blowing my life's savings on all the goodies I found there and only made a meager little $20 purchase. Something that this club has added to this event since my last visit are informative lectures given by key people in the RC Industry. In addition to renewing some old friendships at this huge event, I was also able to form another one with my acquaintence of Rick Cummins, owner of C&M Solutions Hobby AND one of the newest PhlatClub members (my first meeting with a fellow Texas PhlatPrinter enthusiast!)!

I'm doing a solo act this week, so hang on - I'm all over the board on this one! LOL


Nelson Hobby

One Supplier Of Thin G10

C&M Solutions Hobby

B-8 Micro Servos (I bought 4 to try out)

My New Sanyo Camera

Win A New PhlatFormer Vacuum Forming Machine at the PhlatForum!


over nine years ago

Another source for G-10/FR4 is but their minimum thickness is 1/32\"

Rick Cummins
over nine years ago

It was great to meet you Crash ! Thanks for the kind words on the Swap meet, we tried to make it more interesting this year to draw a bigger crowd and it worked. Sending you an e-mail about the CNC hotwire cutter.

Nicholas T.
over nine years ago

Hey Crash,

I was listening to this episode (catching up from being out of the states on my honeymoon) and heard you telling your story about the weather in Texas. My wife and I met two couples on the honeymoon who got married on March 20th as well. They said it snowed on their wedding day, while we in NC had a PERFECT Saturday (70-75 degrees, no clouds, no wind). Glad you didn\'t get stuck or worse.

Thanks for keeping the podcast running.