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Nov 6, 2014

In this 284th installment of our little show, we get the opportunity to visit with our favorite cherry farmer from the great Northwest - Dougbo!!! Doug is an avid RC pilot that enjoys all disciplines of flight - from helicopters to 3D foamies, crunchies, and gassers. Doug's latest adventure in the hobby, though, is something we find particularly interesting - he's jumped in to flying 3D Quadcopters! Join us this week to hear his comments and opinions comparing the Invertix 400 and the Leap 450 3D.

Also included this week is our usual attempt to bring you some news on what's new and interesting in our favorite sport.


Jeti DS-16 Red Racer Carbon (SWEEEEET!)

Multi-Rotor Travel Backpack

Ambulance Drone?

Better Nuts For The Blade 200QX

Invertix 400 3D Quad

Leap 450 3D Quad

Stingray 500 3D Quad

Let's Fly RC Youtube Channel

WMPF (A Storm Is Coming - Next Week!)

This Week's Slideshow


Wim's FPV Belgium Beach Flight

Flight Of The Chimera

Let's Fly RC - Parallax Maidens

A Storm Is Coming!