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Aug 8, 2013

In this 222nd installment of our show (and our 2nd Wednesday night recording) we have everyone here except Navionflyer. We bring you some news about some new offerings in the RC world, as well as a new Quadcopter frame that I will be offering very soon! Oh, and if you've been wanting to get your hands on one of Laine's Cuda or Norman kits, now is the time to put in your pre-order!


Spektrum Annouces The New DX9

FRSKY Taranis 16 Channel TX (Anyone have any first-hand experience with this?)

Witespy's New Red Motors

New Flip MWC 1.5 Protective Cases

Great Deal On RTFQ's 16 Amp ESCs (Currently only 9 bucks!)

Piloted CoAx? (This guy's BRAVE!)

Kyle Dahl Is "The One"!

Heli Pilot Get's Hit At IRCHA 2013 (Lots to learn in this video)

Ecks Awesome Quad Frames (These things are SWEET!)

In this episode I detail MY plans to market and manufacture a small quad frame that I have based highly on that beautiful Ecks Frame. If you are interested in getting one, you'll certainly want to stayed tuned as I should be announcing the details in a week, or two. If you want to see what the prototype I'm flying now looks like, head on over to our FACEBOOK FAN PAGE to take a peek!

Also, remember that we no longer stream our LIVE webcast of the show each week on Sundays. We have moved the session to Wednesday nights at 7pm Central. Come and join us and hang out in the LIVE chat!