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Jul 29, 2013

This 220th installment of our show will be the last show we record on Sunday evenings. We are moving to Wednesday night recordings starting this week, so if you'd like to listen in LIVE and participate in our LIVE chat, be sure to check us out every Wednesday at 7pm CENTRAL!

This week we share what all we've been up to, a couple of new offerings from Horizon Hobby, and we get a chance to visit with our friend Frank 'Murocflyer' Geisler about a new challenge he's trying to put together. As if the Wings Across America project wasn't already epic enough, the new TransAmerica Tour scheduled for 2014 will be even MORE incredible! You're going to want to tune in to this one, for certain!



Karl Flying His New FLIP Quad

New Delta Ray With SAFE

New Ultra Micro Icon A5

Wanna Contact Murocflyer? RCGroups  WattFlyer  FlyingGiants

TransAmerica Tour 2014


Watts Over Owatonna (This weekend!)

Wings For Wishes Montanna