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Aug 22, 2013

Welcome to our 224th recording! In this one we share my progress on the "OPQ", the success of the Wings For Wishes Montana 2013 event (Thanks to Eric for coming on!), and Tim and I discuss a bit about the trailers we use for big events.

Unfortunately, our sound quality may be a little off on this one, as we had two of our co-hosts linked up via cell phone. Navionflyer is in the midst of unpacking from his big move, and KarlK was stuck in a BIG traffic jam! LoL


WFW Montana 2013 DONATIONS (In case you didn't get to attend, you can still support this until Friday!)

Randy Covington Flight Festival (Tim, Nav, and a bunch of our friends will be there this weekend!)

Paducah Annual Fly-In (Another great event coming in September!)

RTFQ's "Karl-Resistant Domes" (Can't say "Karl-Proof" just yet...)

Karl-Resistant Dome Proof!

New Prop Colors From RTFQ's

Karl "Karling" Into A Tree