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May 7, 2015

This 309th installment of our show finds the cast still down with a case of the post-SEFF blues. Yes, we are still reliving the adventure from that event this week. However, we add a special guest to the team this week while we reminisce - our buddy Jim T. Graham!

I want to apologize to our podcast-only listeners for all of the "visual references" in this episode. After having some problems with our live-feed over the last month, we changed things up and used a live video feed on YouTube for this one. This feed turned out to be quite good AND allowed us to use our webcams, meaning that we could show each other stuff, as well as the live listening audience. I just want it to be known that we here at TheCrashCast aren't trying to "break into" the video world (there are others that do it sooo much better than we could possibly do), and that the audio product (the podcast) will always be our primary focus, We just got a bit carried away with the new technology during this show. :)


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