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May 29, 2014

In this week's show, we dip into the mail bag and do our best to answer some listener emails that have been lingering for a while. There's some discussion on safely parallel charging your LiPos, some Taranis info, and even some advice on getting a listener started in Multi-Rotor FPV.


Observer FPV Frame

MicroBurst 220 Frame

RMRC Pico FPV Combo

Watts Over Owatonna!

Be-Be Norman

Radd's School Of Rotary Flight

This Week's Slideshow Pics

The 'theme' for this week's slideshow (shown during our live stream) turned out to be detailed pictures of the cool stuff we all rounded up for our Veteran from our "Help A Vet" project. I am happy to report that three packages are in transit and should arrive soon!

My sincerest THANKS!! goes out to all the kind people that helped with this project. As discussed in the show, there were many things offered up that we chose NOT to accept for this package, and I would like that offer my THANKS for those offers, as well. Had we accepted everything, I think it would have taken an entire truck to deliver it all!! LoL