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Jan 10, 2011

Interesting title for a podcast, huh? It's the name of a children's song my kids like on the XM Kids channel on satellite radio, and I found it fit this week's show. This show starts the THIRD year of this podcast; this is our 100th installment (i.e., TRIPLE digits); this week we add a new THIRD person to our team. See what I mean? LOL If you've heard this song before, congratulations - you are now singing it in YOUR head.

Happy New Year! In this show we'll introduce my buddy Ron, we'll discuss the loot we got for CHRISTmas recently, we'll get another Ask The RCadvisor segment in, and we'll talk a bit about our resolutions for this year.




XtremeFlyer January Photo Contest

A New RC Podcast!

DW Foamies Hempel Cub

4X6S Turnigy Charger


MultiPlex Fox (scroll down to find it)

Joogsie's FPV Fox

Hyperion Sniper (Amazon seems to have the best price)

Tim's FPV Design (sign up to see the pics!)


eight and a half years ago

Tim, it's great to hear you talk about your son and his eagerness to go to the field with you. I look forward to hearing updates on his progression to flying and being the next RJ Gritter. I grew up going to the field with my dad. I soloed when I was 13 at the Greensboro field. Dad and I went to the field every Friday afternoon in the summer. Those were great times, flying with Dad. I hope your son has the same memories.