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Sep 5, 2010

No, we're not talking about the "X" planes project that was started in the '40's. In this 84th installment of TheCrashCast, we have the honor of visiting with Mr. James Karpy of Millennium RC - makers of the SSX and MicroSSX series of planes! I also get to respond to a few letters I've received from around the world. Are you an avid RC enthusiast that is NOT in the United States? If so, please drop us an email and share how YOU enjoy this great sport in YOUR part of the world.


Wings Across America (Dorsal has the plane now)

XtremeFlyer Photo Contest


Rabid Models

Urs' Coverage of the Horizon AirMeet 2010 (The Quique Interview is in English)

Urs' Pitts S-12 Project

AirMix Online Mag (You'll prolly need to use a translator like Babel)

RCadvisor (email your questions to Carlos!)

PhlatForum Contest (Hurry - it ends Sept 8th)

Millennium RC

WyoWindWorks (I'm diggin' on the Slope Monkey!)