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May 6, 2013

For this 208th recording of our show, the entire team is all safe and sound back from SEFF in our respective homes. Join us for talk about this year's big SEFF event where we try to share with you all of our fond memories (while they're still fairly fresh on our minds LoL). Great friends and flying made for an awesome week! Please note that we will try really hard not to harp on all things SEFF every single week, but once you attend this event, you'll understand why its so hard to NOT talk about it all the time. :)


AllThingsCrash (pics and vids of SEFF 2013)

Hance's Way To Tow Up A Glider

Be sure to check out next week's show that will go up on Sunday May 12th! KarlK and Navionflyer interviewed some special guests while Tim and I were away at SEFF. We've been wanting to get them on the show for ages!

While next week's show will not be streamed LIVE, we will still be getting together with our friends LIVE on talkshoe for an hour, or two, just to shoot the breeze. You can join us HERE on Sunday night, 8pm CDST.