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Jan 27, 2009

In my third installment I have a couple of guests in the workshop - Mark and Trish (aka The PhlatBoyz). We shoot the breeze for a while discussing the PhlatPrinter, flying, the weather, etc. I got to try out some indoor flying with my two newest planes and have included links to those videos. Also, my "Steals Of The Week" segment includes some great solutions for charging your batteries.

I apologize up front for some sound quality issues that may be present in this episode. I ran a noise filter to reduce some serious background noise (Darn you Skype!) and that resulted in some, well, let's say "artifacts" that arose. Remeber, there is a slight learning curve for me! Thanks for understanding.

Flying The PBF
And The Mini Arrow...
Canardman's Edge 540
Max's AMA Racer
A Great Sale On The Power Supply I Use
An All-In-One Charger Deal,