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Jul 9, 2012

First off, I want to apologize for the poor sound quality (on my track) in this 169th installment of our show. I have torn everything up in my workshop while doing this 'Studio build' and unfortunately, all of my professional-grade recording equipment is BURIED! LoL If all goes as planned, I'll be recording our next episode in the new digs and the quality I have always prided myself in should return.

This week, we take a little diversion from our normal RC aircraft discussions and delve into the world of RC Sailing, and who better to tap on this subject than our buddy and avid sailer, Grandpa Tony! This sounds like a great way to keep those thumbs (and brain) nimble on those days that are just not quite right for flying, and Tony shares with us the gear he uses and how it all works.


Proctor Antic Monoplane (Karl is trying to score one of these)

Laine's FB Page (Look for pics of the "Cobra's" Successor LoL)

Thunder Tiger Victoria (This is what Tony sails)

Victor Models V-12A (Here's a foot-long boat you can build!)

Footy Seniors (A place to get plans and kits)

Build A "Bottle"!

Retrieval Boat (For retrieving that snagged sailboat)