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Mar 3, 2009

In this 8th installment, we get all the dope on the new MKII PhlatPrinter CNC straight from the PhlatBoyZ, Mark and Trish. Expect to see this bad boy tearing up some foam at breakneck speeds at the Toledo show! Also, the PhlatBoyz will be launching a little contest to make things interesting over at the PhlatForum - you'll want to participate in this for your chance to win a nice prize!

I'd love to hear your comments on the audio in this episode - both the PhlatBoyz and me are trying out some new microphones. I think theirs sounds great, but I now need to investigate building a small "dampened environment" booth to achieve the best audio on my end! I'm clipping a bit due to having the gain set a bit too high, but I'll try to get the levels a little better on the next show - WOW this thing's sensitive!

Toledo Show
The PhlatForum
Free DXF Files!