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Apr 18, 2010

This show is aptly named for all of the links we are providing to cool stuff we saw last week. Of course, we saw so much stuff that we could continue on with links for the next several weeks, but we're going to try to refrain from that. LOL Also, Carlos is back this week with our Ask TheRCadvisor segment!


National Museum Of The Air Force

JT's Interview With The Tank Man (Dave Shultz)

Wichita TankMan's YouTube Channel

Dave Shultz and "Heinz"

Darrell Sprayberry And His Jet Ranger

Cool Air-To-Air Vid Of Darrell's Ranger

LazerToyz (scroll down to see the charger we mentioned)

Upcoming NEFI Event


The "Thermal Scout"

Foam Casualty Resource Site

Ray and Don With The 1928 Ford Trimotor (I hope it won!)

The "Machine" Don Made For Creating The Corrugated Skin

Dorsal's YouTube Channel (check out his vids from Toledo)

The RC Radio Network

ATTF in Make

RCFC Is Back At It Again!

ModelAero - Some Sweet Laser-cut Kits