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Nov 15, 2010

Even though it's been a CRAZY week around my place, we've got our 93rd show here for you! There's some info on driving buses, shooting video, a123 batteries, and we have a special visit from our buddy and fill-in cohost, IFLYOS! Also, if you've been wanting to snag a copy of my SketchUp Basics for the PhlatPrinter CNC DVD Tutorial, there's info in this 'cast on how to order your copy today!


R&R RC Designs

An 8 Foot INDOOR B17!?! (WOW!!)

TONS Of Info on FPV


Cool FPV Vid!

Info On Ordering My DVD is HERE



eight and a half years ago

Shawnee, to further confuse things.....

Hobbico is the parent company of Great Planes, Heli Max, Top Flight, Futaba, Electrifly, etc......

So really there's two HUGE good R/C manufacturing companies: Horizon Hobby and Hobbico.

eight and a half years ago

Man just was getting in to Tim talking FPV stuff and then it was all over, Please have Tim on for like 30 min. or better that would be great. I really enjoy FPV but before I purchase anything I rather would like to everthing I can.
FPV just rocks !

eight and a half years ago

Hi Crash H
Just to let you know Great Planes is the parent company of Tower Hobbies. I had a hobby shop and ordered from Great Planes to find out the same products that people buy from Tower Hobbies comes from the same shelf retailers order from Great Planes.

I really can get in to it but it long...
Drove me NUTS!


Great show people ...