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Nov 5, 2012

Sorry, gang, but I'm just too tired to finish this tonight (that's what SHE said! LoL). I wanted to get the show up for you guys that listen on your Monday morning commutes. I'll put in the show notes first thing tomorrow morning.


Well, we got a little goofy last night, hence the name of the show. Yep, we were being quite sophomoric. LoL Anyhow, join us in this 184th installment of our show where the whole gang is present and we do our usual thing.


RadicalRC (This week's Spotlight Vendor)

iCharger 4010DUO

EPBuddy Paraboard

AB Clips

Instructables CNC That RCPtero Is Building

Traxxas Is Taking To The Skies!

Robotic Jockeys?? (WIRED Article, Video 1, Video 2)

FoamandTape's RC Airliner (Great Vid, Peter!)

Dadde's Latest Video Candy

FPV Racing (Oh, this looks like FUN!!)

NSRCA (THE place to start for Pattern Aerobatics)