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May 28, 2012

In this, our 164th installment of the show, we share all that we have this week on the RC Hobby. There's talk of a new plane reminiscent of an era long gone, talk of a 31 foot foamie (hear that Laine??), a Texas Fly-In hosted by some great people, a really nifty sailplane video, and some other general hobby talk. The RCadvisor is back, as well, answering some questions about a listener's Bell X1 project.

My buddy Ron will be stepping away from the mic after this episode, as his work schedule has changed and interfers with our recording schedule. But no worries, we'll try to get him back on from time to time to keep up with his RC adventures. Thanks for all your help, Ronbo!


Firebird Stratos RTF

31 foot Foamie

Caldwell UNOFFICIAL Day And Night Fly June 23rd

Retro Pioneer

Cool Sailplane Video (Anybody know anything about this supplier?)