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Jan 13, 2009

Hurray! I've finally got the first installment of TheCrashCast up! In this episode, I give thanks where they're due. I also talk a little about my indoor flying session (my first flying for 2009) as well as bring you some of my well known "Steals Of The Week". I'll post some links here to some of the stuff I mentioned as soon as I get it all figured out. Please bear with me as this stuff is all new to me. The show may sound a little rough, but I promise, It'll get there! Here's the link to the video I shot last Sunday: Sunday Indoor Flying As well, some links to the vendors I mentioned: Todds Models HeadsUpRC



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ten and a half years ago

Great first show!!!! Looking for more to come...

ten and a half years ago

Crash is back on the air! Loved your first podcast. Keep it simple and remember you are doing it for fun...
Can\\\'t wait for the next one!

Mario Richard AKA skydive4ever in forums
ten and a half years ago

Hey there Crashman, Congratulations on your very own podcast :-)
Great first show, looking forward to more good stuff :-)

ten and a half years ago

Nice goin\\\' Mike! I\'m a fan...

ten and a half years ago

Good to hear that voice again! I like the idea of bringing RC and CNC together. ;)

ten and a half years ago

Thanks for the comments, guys! It\\\'s great to be back! I\\\'m sure hoping to offer up some great tips and stories!