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Mar 10, 2009

Well, Spring has sprung! With that (in my neck of the woods) it means that the winds are probably gonna be fierce until about the end of June. What's an electric modeler like me supposed to do? Switch back to Nitro, that's what!

I pulled out a couple of Nitro-powered winners from my hangar and, after about a three year absence from this aspect of the sport, I found it was just like riding that ol' bike. Winds aren't so abusive to the heavier Nitro planes, so it looks like I'm no longer gonna be an electric-exclusive pilot, after all!

In this ninth installment, I'll talk about some "must-haves" in the flightbox for all you Nitro nuts out there!

My Steals Of The Week:

Nice Switch-Mode NEC ESC
Great Back-Up LiPo Charger