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Sep 5, 2013

In this 226th installment of our show, we finally get to do a wrap-up of this Summer's main focus - Summer Of Multi-Rotors And FPV. I think it's safe to say that our focus on this one special interest has really hooked all of us and we will, no doubt, have some discussions each week on the subject from here on. :)

I would especially like to shout out a special THANK YOU to Witespy over at ReadyToFlyQuads. His great products, sage advice, and patient customer support has certainly been the key to all of our mutual successes. If you are looking to get in on the fun, whether you want to do the DIY thing with putting together your own Quad or buy a great-priced turn-key solution, RTFQ should be your FIRST stop!

We've also like to thank Romeo over at MassiveRC. He has pretty much redefined the phrase "gateway drug", as his inexpensive wares have helped to transform "toy grade" products into a true "hobby grade" experience. If you want to try the quad thing out but you're not ready to drop $150+, then you certainly want to consider getting one of his quads. He removes the worries of "Is this a good one to buy?", because if it's on his site, it's going to be a good purchase.

Overall, this little excerise has proved rewarding for all of us and maybe next Summer we will entertain focusing on another single facet of our great RC Hobby.


RCStyx From ProgressiveRC (I love mine and just ordered more for other radios)

MakerBot Digitizer (I'm waiting for the price to come WAY down. LoL)

Sketch-U-Cam 1.1 Released (Thanks to Swarfer for all his hard work!)

Hance's OPQ Build Pics

Hance's OPQ Beta Testing Vid

Hance's Canyon Flight Vid

Karl's Wetting Some RC Vid

Futaba On Facebook (See the 8/29 post for a FREE FASST Tx Module!)

Hangar 9 Inverza

Horizon Outlet Deals (Great sales on several planes we mentioned)


PAM Fall Fly-In


Electrics Over Tidewater

Nall eWeek


If you've got an event that you'd like us to share on the show, just drop me an email (I announce my address during the lead-out music of every show) with a link to your club's website or PDF with all of the info!