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Oct 3, 2013

In this 230th installment of our little show, we have the opportunity to visit with a gentleman that has offered many of us the "gateway drug" to Multi-Rotors - Romeo (aka MassiveOverkill) from MassiveRC! You may recall that quite some time ago, we got turned on to a little quadcopter (thanks to Hance letting us in on it) called the V202 Scorpion. That little quad (complete package RTF for about $50) proved to be so much fun and so much bang for the buck that we ALL had to get one! LoL I think you guys will enjoy the story of how Romeo started it all with online sales and how he's been able to transform a bunch of "toy grade" flying thingies into a true hobby grade experience! I shudder to think how many folks are now out there flying Quads, thanks to the inexpensive start into the hobby, thanks to MassiveRC!

Also, we gave away a couple more Power Distribution Boards (courtesy of ReadyToFlyQuads) during this show and our lucky winners were Nick K. and MadMarl! These little boards are a MUST if you're building a multi, as they make putting together a wiring harness SO EASY!


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