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Aug 8, 2010

Just like clock-work, we're back with an 80th installment this week, but alas, it's just been so stinkin' hot that we just don't have a lot of RC talk this week. If you know us, though, you'll know that both Dorsal and I are really into CNC machines to support our respective RC 'habits'. I spent some significant time in the workshop on a mission to discover more about these great machines and how they operate. Tune in as we explain the "Right-Hand Rule", as well as how I suggest that the PhlatScript might be improved for use with the upcoming PhlatPrinter MK3 machine and other such  Overhead-Gantry systems.

We also have some other stuff, including a visit from the RCadvisor and also some great pictures of a listener's completed e-QSC! Have you completed your e-QSC from this summer's Scratch-build Club? If so, get your pics to me by August 15th so that you can be eligible to win a free power system!!


Dorsal's Observa-Shop - As Planned and Current Progress

Stef's e-QSC

Sneak-peek of the WMParkflyers McFoamie!


XtremeFlyer GiveAway

MK3 GiveAway


almost nine years ago

definition \"O.P. CNC\" means \"Other People\'s CNC machine\" :lol:

almost nine years ago

Ahh, the right hand rule. Haven\'t heard that in about 5 years since it was taught in AP Physics in high school. Just for more information on the rule, here\'s the Wikipedia link, may help people see it visually:

We weren\'t allowed to right X, Y, and Z on our fingers during tests.....

Don\'t get this confused with how to use the right hand to determine direction current is traveling in within a coil.