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Oct 4, 2009

What a fun-filled week! I got in the first "real" cuts with the new CNC machine and also got a chance to hang with some really cool SPADders at the SPADs Over Texas 2009 event in Denton, Texas. There were examples of the typical SPADs that I flew years ago, but I was quite surprised by some of the new concepts that people are making nowadays!

Notable Links:

Fred Reese, In His Own Words
Plans By Fred Reese
Playing Catch With SpadMan (Thanks, Kris!)
Say Cheese! (Pay no attention to the ugly giant in the back!)
SPAD Twist 3D Knock-Off by FrostKG
FrostKG's Electric SPAD AV
PapaBear's SWEET Ugly Stick-like SPAD
SPADWorld Forum
SpadToTheBone, A great place for getting started!

Thanks to PapaBear for the pics (and "football" commentary on Frost's video) LOL  I'll get the Lipo Vid and a pic of Spadman's Buttercup up soon!